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Inaugural Lecture

Dissolving the Ego of Fashion

Image: Sifra Kock

By Daniëlle Bruggeman

ArtEZ Fashion Professorship: Inaugural Lecture Danielle Bruggeman

On Wednesday April 25, 2018, the ArtEZ Fashion Professorship presented its vision and the main research themes that it will explore over the next four years. Dr. Danielle Bruggeman gave her inaugural lecture and presented the accompanying publication Dissolving the Ego of Fashion: Engaging with Human Matters (design by Beau Bertens, published by ArtEZ Press).

The Fashion Professorship envisions an alternative and more engaged future of fashion in which we do more justice to fashion’s human dimension in relation to pressing socio-cultural, economic and environmental issues. Through research, design and critical thinking, we explore and create alternative approaches, systems, vocabularies and strategies to help fashion move forward. We redefine the value systems from which we work, live, and engage with each other and with the material resources of the earth, and reimagine future bodies, future materials and future makers to help build more resilient futures and inclusive societies.

The publication is available on the webshop of ArtEZ Press:

  • Alternative Systems
  • Human Values
  • New Materialism

DATE PUBLISHED April 25, 2018