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State of Fashion

State of Fashion Searching for the New Luxury – José Teunissen

Date 31 May, 2018
Time 18:00
Location Melkfabriek, Arnhem

State of Fashion is the first large-scale international public event that is entirely devoted to sustainable and honest fashion. The first edition will take place from 1 June until 22 July 2018 in the Melkfabriek in Arnhem. Large-scale fashion houses and designers such as G-Star RAW, H&M and Zegna will present their vision on a sustainable future alongside innovative start-ups and designers such as Bruno Pieters, Osklen and Iris van Herpen.

In the theme Searching for the New Luxury curator Jose Teunissen, alongside designers and pioneers, explores how we can apply fashion’s imaginative, seductive and innovative power to create a more futureproof fashion cycle. In the exhibition, designed by ontwerpbureau Space & Matter, State of Fashion shows around fifty projects that explore new definitions of luxury that fit our zeitgeist.

ArtEZ University of the Arts and Museum Arnhem are key partners of State of Fashion.


  • Alternative Systems
  • New Materialism
  • Human Values

DATE PUBLISHED April 22, 2018