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November 22, 2018 – January 10, 2019
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The Future of Living Materials

The Future of Living Materials – Daniëlle Bruggeman & Jeroen van den Eijnde

Date 25 October, 2018
Time 10:00
Location DRIVE Festival, Natlab, Eindhoven.

More and more designers are actively exploring the possibilities of new kinds of materials for applications in the fields of fashion, textile and design. In order to transition into a more regenerative future society, it is essential to design with a purpose, to create ‘innovation inspired by nature’. The project The Future of Living Materials explores the future of living materials for a more regenerative society and fashion system. In a lab-like context, scientists of Wageningen University & Research, fashion and product designers and researchers from ArtEZ Future Makers collaborate to develop new kinds of materials and possible applications.


Research from an art & design perspective (ArtEZ)
By: Nishant Shah

Research from a scientific perspective (WUR)
By: Kim Poldner

The Future of Living Materials: theory & methods
By: Daniëlle Bruggeman & Jeroen van den Eijnde

Living Colours: dying textiles with pigment producing bacteria
By: Laura Luchtman & Ilfa Siebenhaar

Living Materials: Designing with micro-bacteria
By: Emma van der Leest

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  • New Materialism

DATE PUBLISHED October 25, 2018