José Teunissen

Since 2002 José Teunissen (Boekel 1959) is installed as a Professor of Fashion Design at the ArtEZ modelectoraat. She also works as a free lance curator and publicist. Teunissen studied Dutch Language and Film Studies and specialised in the narrative function of costume in film. She did a research on The female Comedienne and the aesthetics and meaning of the early fashion journals. Between 1987 and 1997 she teached film and photography theory at the art school in Tilburg.



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Welcome at the ArtEZ Modelectoraat, a department of ArtEZ Institute of the Art. The modelectoraat ArtEZ considers fashion as one of the most important cultural phenomenon’s in our visual culture. Delving beneath the superficiality of changing fashion trends we try to find the deeper layers of meaning related to changing social needs or fresh insights and concepts. Modelectoraat ArtEZ stimulates...



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